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Pet grooming is a job for those who are exceptionally fond of pets. Pets are like kids, it takes a genius to know how to handle them. While they are ones who enjoy grooming at home, there are others portraying whimsical tempers when they hear about visiting a vet or a groomer.

However, in today’s world of mistaken belief, it is not easy to rely on every pet grooming center out there. The real question here is: Are you sure your dog is safe at the groomer? The ugly truth is many of them don’t even know how to do their job properly. The entire grooming process may eventually turn out to be a nightmare for your beloved dog. Most of these dog groomers are just doing this work because they couldn’t find anything else to do. Pet grooming, as we said earlier, is meant for those who love animals.

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Many untrained dog groomers make a bunch of blunders which are not only unprofessional but risky for the well-being of your dog. The clippers they use get so hot that they end up causing burn injuries to your dog. Yes, burn injuries, especially around the nose and their private parts. Just the idea of an animal as caring and loving as a dog going through such pain is unbearable.

These non-licensed groomers are also very mean towards animals. They just want your money; they don’t care about the little pooch that came in with you for getting a nice haircut. Their mean behavior is clearly visible when you walk in and see your dog trembling with fear or not ready to walk in the groomer’s shop again.

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These groomers lose their patience too easily and yell when a dog doesn’t obey them. Being not serious about their job extends to the level that even the bath tubs they have to bathe your pet are unsafe. Pooches try to get out of these unsafe bath tubs and often fall out, injuring themselves. These makeshift groomers go beyond limits and even hit these helpless animals to vent out their frustration and the first sign of disobedience. We wish we could say anything about how horrible they are at giving your dog a haircut. The list goes on, but we don’t want to add up to the horror.

At Pampered Pooches, we are the people in love with animals. Our staff understands that pets are like kids and they need to be treated with affection and care.

All our pet groomers are kind and patient with animals, and we know some of them are just too pampered, and we love them for who they are. There’s absolutely no chance that your dog is at risk of falling out or getting injured while enjoying a foamy bath. To add to their and your amusement, we dry them on tables with sanitized towels and the tables are also sanitized after every drying session.

Our creative groomers love to give amazing haircuts and add that little X-Factor to your pets cute personality. Every pet that walks out from our grooming studio stands out from the rest. And why should your dog fall behind in today’s world where fashion is the essence? We love to add color to your dog’s fur with our pet-friendly hair colors.

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We not only use the best-quality products to groom your pets but specially designed bathtubs as well. Our bathing and grooming equipment provide a safe and escape-free environment for your pet (We are sure he won’t prefer escaping during our service).

Above all, we don’t just say it; we also show how much we love and enjoy what we do. You can also watch your dog getting groomed and pampered at our studio through a webcam. Rest assured as we are a licensed and insured groomer.
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