Pet Grooming Services

Pet grooming services needs high levels of energy, skill and technique. At Pampered Pooches, we take pride in providing our services with all these prerequisites with added benefits of unconditional love and lot of while grooming your beloved pet.

Creative Haircuts & Colors

Pet grooming services - Creative haircuts - Rastafari


Pet grooming services - Creative haircuts - Punk Rocker

Punk rocker

Pet grooming services - Creative haircuts - Pink Poodle

Pink poodle


Pet grooming services - Bathing and shampooing

Bathing in itself is a great experience for dogs. They love water and get super excited. On the contrary, we have those four legged mischievous kids too who just don’t want to bathe, and this is where our expertise amalgamates with understanding how they should be taken care of. We always bathe all the pets twice. The first bath is to make them clean. The second bath is to treat skin and coat. If needed, we also apply special conditioners to the coat.

We use more than 20 special types of organic shampoos and conditioners to give each dog the greatest bath. We only utilize the best and clinically approved products. Our commitment to provide best services can be acknowledged by the fact that we use only those products for your dog that we would use for ours.

We take special care in treating dogs with sensitive skin, dogs with allergies. We further use utmost care to groom geriatric dogs, dogs with arthritis or skin that needs healing. For flea infested dogs, we use specially medicated shampoos and conditioners that not only treat the infestation, but also soothe the itchy and irritating skin. We provide hair treatments like reduce and remove tangling hair, strengthen coat, soften coat, add shine, reduce shedding etc.

We also make sure that we always express the anal glands while shampooing to make certain that your dog’s glands don’t get infected. We check ears for any wax or debris build up in the ear canal. If necessary, we flush the ear canal with saline solution to prevent infection.

Drying and Brushing

After an amazing bath, we place your dog on one of our best quality table tops, where we first wick away moisture from the quote using forced hair dryer. Then, depending on the fur, we either blow dry or towel dry the hair.

After that, we carefully brush each dog to prepare them for grooming by first removing any matted hair or tangles. Irremovable mats need to be shaved or cut out. In an unlikely event that hair mats are just too pervasive, we need to shave the dog completely. This is only to ensure a good and clean hair growth afterwards.

Pet grooming services Eureka - Brushing and drying

Rest assured we don’t carry the painful process if de-matting only for the sake of aesthetics. Care and comfort for your lovely pet will always be our top priority.


Pet grooming services - Nails - Nail clipping

We take proper care while cutting and dremeling the nails of your dog. All our groomers know how important it is to be very watchful about cutting each nail. Dremeling further helps in ensuring a safe environment for your dog and people around him/her. Neatly cut and smooth nails. Oh, that sounds so good!

When it comes to the art and science of grooming dogs, we use best quality clippers and also do the best quality hand scissor detailing work. While we prefer in pet-friendly haircuts, we are also trained and experienced in providing standard and show cuts.

Depending on your lifestyle and the haircut that suits the best to your dog, we proudly say we are the best groomers you can choose for your pampered pooch.

Pet Photography

Pet grooming services - Pet photography

Why not take some adorable pictures of your favorite pet to share with your family? After enjoying our pet grooming services your pet is at its cutest. For only $49 extra you can capture your dog or cat’s personality forever.

P.S. If you only want pet photography the price is $79 and your pet must be clean and dry.

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