Pet grooming prices in Eureka

Pet grooming prices Eureka

There is no standardized prices pet grooming prices. The price is determined on the basis of work and time taken to take care of your four legged friend.

From $29
Our prices vary between $29 and $99 for just bathing and between $49 and $129 for bathing and haircut. Given the amount of love and labor we put into grooming each pet, the prices are surely reasonable and worth every penny you spend.

We primarily divide the grooming procedure into three categories; on the level of “ease” or “difficulty” to groom the pawed companions.

Our salon has room for up to 3 groomers and a couple of bathers so scheduling an appointment is hassle-free. We constantly improve ourselves. Due to our popularity you may need to wait a day or two to get an appointment. Rest assured your wait will be worth it as your dog will surely have a great time with us.

Booking & Scheduling – 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Thanks to our loyal customers trust in us, we see huge numbers of pets every day. However, there are times when an appointment have to be rescheduled due to personal reasons. If the cancellation is done last minute, it means that someone who wanted an appointment for their little pooch that day, couldn’t get in.

Therefore, we introduced a 24-hour cancellation term. If you can’t show up for the appointment, you need to give us a 24-hours heads-up. This way, another person’s pet can get groomed in your time slot if you have to cancel. There will be a 50% of base grooming fee for not showing up or cancelling too late. Hope you understand. We are busy pet groomers who try to groom as many pets as possible each day. Thank you for helping us reach that goal and help us keep our pet grooming prices reasonable.

Pet grooming prices Eureka - Booking and scheduling

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